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Clients maintain their faith in architect Wayne Ferrell because of his ability to combine practical knowledge of construction with the ability to do something truly beautiful...

When you are seeking a superior architectural style, Wayne Ferrell is the answer. We offer a variety of architect and interior design services to help you create your dream home, attention-grabbing hotel or elegant church. With a diverse portfolio, Ferrell provides services for any type of commercial or residential project. Call us at (888) 861-7543 for more information.

Ferrell has an NCARB certification (#49,090), which allows him to obtain a license in any state within a month. He currently holds the following licenses:

California #21, 331 · Nevada #2,251 · New York #27427 · New Jersey #14,832 ·  Pennsylvania #16,035B · Maine #3019 · Louisiana #6402 · Florida #14,855

WayneFerrell.Com Architecture offers interior design, architect design, site planning and historic preservation services. We are a member of the BBB and are FAIA elected to the American Institute of Architects College of Fellows. We have received numerous awards, including an AIA Silver Medal Award in 1989, an AIA Public Communication Award in 1984, a City of Ft. Lauderdale Beautification Award and more. Trust us to create a work of art that will exceed your expectations.

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